How to make studies more interesting?-The concept of Edutainment
Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

“ Love your work and you don’t have to work anymore.”

It’s really difficult to concentrate on studies when your favourite show is being aired on tv, isn’t it? But what if you get to watch a soap encompassing the CA syllabus?? Now the valid question that arises is: who’ll make this happen??
– You! Yes you yourself . In your own study room!

Well, studies are not as boring as we perceive them to be. Studies can indeed be fun . All you have to do is rekindle the dormant passion and creativity within you. Be different, be unique. Innovate novel methods to do the same traditional things. Take a fresh view of life and add novelty to its every dimension.
“ Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.” –Shiv Khera.Now how can this novelty be achieved in studies?

1. Attach humour to every little thing you find difficult to remember
– Don’t just study but laugh it out. Funnier the way, the better it will get glued to the memory-card of your mind.
Eg- How to memorise that Accounting standard 10 is ‘ ACCOUNTING FOR FIXED ASSESTS.’ ?
I made up a soap advertisement (fa soap) on it- funny but cute one:-
“ Abb fa sirf 10 rupaye mein !”
*Fa = fixed assets
Be silly, stupid, insane , crazy , mad. Be kiddish. Be childlike.

2. Develop Rhymes-

Eg: Accounting Standard Unnees is for lease.
( Unnees = 19 in hindi)

Eg- AAS twenty eight
Please wait
For the report.
( AAS 28- The Auditor’s Report on Financial statements.)

Eg- AAS gyarah, management ki barah. ( AAS 11- Representations by management.)

3. Bring your favourite movie characters / small-screen celebs/ toons in your syllabus– Mentally visualise episodes on the topics of your syllabus starring your favourites. This mind visualization technique is very effective.
I studied clubbing provisions in taxation mentally directing an episode on Mihir Viraani of Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..lolz. Hospital audit?- How about an episode on Armaan & Ridzi( DMG). Let’s go to ‘Mile jab hum tum’ college campus for audit of colleges. Amrish Puri of DDLJ will help you with the topic of determining residential status
Just set your imagination on fire. This way you can enjoy while studying. Infact you won’t even get the feeling that you are actually studying.

4. Create your own vocab– Languages didn’t land from moon or heaven. They are man-made. So why not develop our own language or a funny vocab?
AAS nine- expertine. ( AAS 9- Using the work of an expert)
I know there is no place for this word in the English dictionary, but I have given it a place in my world…maybe the female version for the word ‘expert’ , what say?

5. Relate the topics to practical situations
: A real-life case-study can be analysed on the Satyam scam linking AAS-4 ‘ The auditor’s responsibility to consider fraud and errors in an audit of financial statements.’, etc.

6.Be inquisitive and curious
– The mnemonic techniques mentioned above are not a substitute to logical studies. First be clear with your concepts and only then proceed to memorise them. Being conceptually clear is more important than solving infinite number of similar questions.
Your study room is your laboratory, where you can experiment, explore, discover, invent, innovate. Read less, ponder more. There is science in commerce too.
Go for derivations of every method, every formula or technique you come across. Various formulae can be derived both mathematically and logically.
If profit is one-third of cost-price, it will be one-fourth of selling-price. Bol diya aur maan liya?
Go for the mathematical derivation. It will quench your thirst for knowledge. Derive how the various techniques of calculating capital employed lead to the same result. Don’t just blindly believe on what’s being told. Believe on what you arrive at. Who knows you might yourself invent a better formula or technique for solving a particular problem?

Be knowledge-oriented not examination-oriented. Derivations and logics are rarely asked in exams. Skip them and you can still get a merit.
But remember, in life what will ultimately matter is not how many marks you scored but how much knowledgeable and analytical you actually are.

Last but not the least, don’t be afraid of failures. Turn every setback into a victory, look back at the defeat and smile.
I had lot of backs in my studies … I never topped, but today toppers from top universities are my employees!” – Bill Gates .

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