Ch.9-3 Wonderful Women

I made up my mind to tell her everything. This was the test of our love. If we pass this test, we’ll together endure every obstacle that we face in our life. But if we fail, I would think that we were never destined to be together.
I called up Mitsu. Luckily, due to availability of network, my call got through. I told her everything right from the way our conversation (Varshaan’s and mine) had initiated due to network problems till her last 3 golden words when she left.
To my utter surprise, Mitsu was rejoiced over this news.

“ Oh my God, Niket.. I’m sooooooooo happy…I can’t express how I’m feeling right now. I feel feel-at-top
at the top of the world !”
I was perplexed. It’s impossible to predict mind-of-womanthe way the mind of a woman would work. One: You know the one you love loved somebody else. Two: That somebody else very recently confessed that she too loved the one you love. And you feel at the top of the world! Queer!
“ Niks, now finally there’ll be nobody between you and me! Finally, My Niket will be all mine.”
“ But I was always all yours Mitsu. Varshaan was never between us. I mean I hated her & not loved her.”
“ Rightly said, Varshaan was never between us. But hatred always was! The fetters of hatred were always there between you and me, Niket. Now that she has confessed her love, you don’t hate her anymore. So you actually won’t think about her anymore. So you’ll think aboutthink-abt-mitsu-more me more & more!”
Man, I was impressed by her dogmatism. The girl had a logic which I hadn’t even thought of.

“ You never liked me wearing suits; you hated pink colour; we could never celebrate our anniversary (May 19: the proposal-day at Lotus-hut) because Varshaan’s birthday falls in May. My pink diary irritated you. But now, everything will be changed.”-Mitsu.
“But Mitsu, why does life have to play such games with us? Why do people come in our lives when they are fated ways-different
to drift apart? Why did fate introduce Varshaan in my life…made me fall in love with her when we two were never destined to be together? I mean why didn’t I meet you earlier if you are the one made for me?”
“It’s because life wants to teach you how to move on; how to face adversities and become stronger; life wants you to learn to let go of things; life wants to make you realize how beautiful life actually is ! This was just a trailer of the bigger obstacles you have to face in future. Now, you are prepared for them. Life is the only teacher that takes the exam first & then teaches lessons. See, both you and Varshaan loved each other at some point of time in your lives. You weren’t aware of this, that’s a different thing. But you two didn’t meet because fate had paired you with me and her with Aamir. Pairs are made in heaven, Niket.”

“And I couldn’t have found anybody better than you for myself, Mitsu. I wish I had that splendid pair of eyelashes in front of me right now.”
“ Close your eyes. And you will actually feel them in front of you. There’s presence even in the absence of someone beloved. You don’t need the beloved around you when you have him/her deep inside you.” –Mitsu.
I closed my eyes. She was right. I could feel her around me.
“I may not be perfect but I am perfect for you. You may not be perfect but you are perfect for me”, added she.
Mitali had done so much for me-her move on tips, her constant motivation, her care and concern. But at that time I was so badly bound by the fetters of hatred that I could not understand the language of love. Her move on tips’ list seemed futile at that time but now when I look at it, I feel each & every tip that it contains is a step towards betterment, a step towards happier living. Now when I recall her heeds & gospels, I realize each and every word of hers made sense.

Throughout my life, I have been close to three women and all the three proved to be wonderful. First, my mom,nikets-mother who would not let me feel the absence of papa. She pampered me…coddled me and did everything she could to bring me up in the best possible manner.
Second..Varshaan…the lady who had sacrificed her love for her family values…whose 3 golden words had freed me from the fetters of hatred.
Last but not the least my Mitsu, who loved me against all odds; who stood by my side at all my tough times; who taught me the true meaning of love and compassion.

Are all women in the world so wonderful? Are all of them paradigms of paragons? Here nature has done a partiality with men.

“ You were right Mitali . Clinging to bitter memories is the root cause of hatred. Whenever we are in the process of forgetting someone, we should cherish only the good times spent together when reminded of that person.”
“ So finally you’ve realized this. But a word of caution: don’t keep on thinking about the good memories else it will lead to nostalgia. Respect the other person, respect whatever relation you shared, seek forgiveness & grant forgiveness. Don’t regret anything. You try to hate him/her and you land into a serious trouble.” Mitali conferred.
“ Niks, moving on must have been more difficult for Varshaan. You atleast had emptied your heart & feelings but she had been living with a regret…a strong feeling of remorse that she could never even express her feelings. Moreover, girls are more sensitive than boys.”, Mitsu rationalized. I agreed.

“ Hey Niket. Your story is so inspiring. It conveys such a beautiful message. Don’t you think we need to take it to the public? We need to tell it to others so that they may benefit from it…so that no other Niket spends 8 yrs in darkness…so that no other intelligent Varshaan misses an IIT. We should make a novel on it..”, said an over-excited Mitali.
“ Calm down Mitsu..Not every Niket meets his Varshaan on a train journey.. and not every Varshaan hides her feelings and remains silent.”
“ That’s what my point is..Not every Niket will meet his first love Varshaan on a train journey. And this is exactly the reason why the story needs to be taken to the public. See, if you hadn’t met Varshaan today, you would still have been hating her …You would have ended up hating her till years or maybe throughout your entire life. Life is too short to commit all the mistakes ourselves. We need to learn from others’ mistakes.”-Mitali.
“ So you mean if some other Niket reads my story & gets inspired, he would move on even before/without meeting his Varshaan in a Rajadhani Express. Agreed. But Mitsu, stories sell only if people can relate it to their own lives. And my story will cater to a very narrow section: To all the Nikets whose Varshaan either didn’t love them or loved but didn’t tell and To all the Varshaans who never expressed themselves. The career-oriented generation career-oriented
of today is very wise. Not many of them fall in love-shuv kind of things. This story will bored02
bore them.” I tried to shrivel her excitement but obstinacy is her cute habit.
“ Your story renders several messages and hence it caters to almost every human-being on earth. It’s a story of moving on in life plus despising hatred. You think moving on is a feature restricted to abandoned lovers? Who doesn’t need to move on in life? One needs to move on after adivorce2 divorce, after break-up, after failure in failed
exams(most common!), after having lost alost-a-beloved
relative or friend, after facing some adversity, adversity
after being cheated by aflirt
beloved….etc etc. Life is very progressive, Niket. It simply cannot stop for anybody. The show must go on.”-Mitsu
“ Fine but what about hatred? Not everybody hates a Varshaan!”, I enquired.
“ Varshaan in your story represents hatred. We all have hatred too in our lives in some form or the other. We either hate some people or hate some things. Some people hate their friends, their parents; some hate their ageing old-people-785688
grand-parents ; saas hates saas-hates-bahubahu ; bahu hates saas; devrani hates jethani ; jethani hates devrani ; many others hate joint families. There are umpteen people who hate themselvesi_hate_myself_and_i_want_to_die1
or hate their own lives. Some people even hate love love-hate
or rather love to hate. Students hate hate-studying
studies, employees hate their jobs , people hate what they do and are forced to do what they hate. Hatred, hatred everywhere. And this hatred prevents a person from moving on…from moving ahead in life.”
“ I think you are right Mitsu.”
“ I am always right”, she said teasingly.
“ But this will make the novel very serious and heavy.. hatred..moving on.. blah..blah..Only sentimental and lackadaisical people can digest such heavy stuffs.”, I told her.
“ Don’t worry. We’ll add light doses of humour humour
off & on as hajmola to make it digestible”, suggested Mitali.
“ And who is going to write it? Not me!”. I cautioned her beforehand.
“ You remember Divya?”, asked Mitsu.
“ can I forget! The kebab-mein-haddi at Lotus-hut, right?”
“ Yes, the very same. That girl is passionate about writing. She just needs a reason to write. Would you believe it: she and her sister exchange apology letters everytime r-115x65-sistersquabllestopic
they fight!”
“ Craaazy or what? Writing a letter for a sister!”, I exclaimed.
“ Crazy that she is.. I am sure she’ll agree to write your story.”
“ But who will read a novel by Divya Jain? I mean she’s not a brand name like Tushar Raheja or Chetan Bhagat.”
“ Even they were beginners at some point of time, weren’t they? And when the meaning of the story is so beautiful, it hardly matters who’s writing it. This story is sure to become a hit even if non-rhetorical Gopu writes it in pathetic English.”

My God! I’d told you there’s some charisma, some magnetism in Mitali. I again got so lost talking to her that I forgot I was in a train. The old man, the couple, the youngsters had been constantly hanging on to every earsword of our conversation. When I finally hung up, they all asked in unison-“ What would be the title of your novel?”
I thought for a minute and said- Fetters Of HATRED.

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