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It was a pleasure writing this novel. I am feeling immensely satisfied after having done what I love doing. This novel is not just a piece of my work; rather it is a piece of my heart. When I’d started with this novel, it was nothing more than a vague idea. But as I began working on it, ideas automatically came sprouting. In the process of writing it, I sensed a change in myself too. I could actually feel what I was writing. And I don’t hate my studies anymore.:-)

I personally feel reading a book or watching a movie becomes an investment of time (and not time-pass or a mode of entertainment) if the book /movie is capable of bringing a positive change in our lives. Don’t read this novel through your eyes. Read it through your heart. The story of Niket conveys a very beautiful message…if read through heart, it can change your outlook towards life. You’ll find this world a better place to live in & you’ll fall in love with all the people around you.

I’ve got emotionally attached to all the fictional characters of the novel. I can feel a Mitali, a Niket, a Varshaan and even a Mini around me in my own home. As I had to write the novel from Niket’s view-point, I got to see the world from a boy’s angle…a very different experience.

We all need to get rid of What-will-people-say-attitude. Dogs will always bark. Let them bark. And barking dogs seldom bite. Isn’t it time we start living for ourselves? Isn’t it better to listen to the voice of our own heart than to lend an attentive ear to the discouraging elements? I wanted to write and so I did. I didn’t pay any heed to the people who tried to obstruct my way quacking that I should first clear PCC and then write novels-shovels, else What Will People Say!

Rightly said by Bips in Bachna Ae Haseeno- Jindgi mein ek thokar..ek jhatka chahiye hota hai…accha hota hai to realize our true potential. We all need to move on in life. Even I got serious for my life after I performed badly in PCE. No excuses. Entirely my fault. I won’t say I didn’t work hard. Rather I hardly worked at all. Failing is not a crime but lack of effort is. Par yeh jhatka jaruri tha; nahi toh shayad jindagi mein kabhi akal nahi aati. Daag acche hai (Surf Excel ad); jhatke bhi acche hai!

The post-result blues are yet to be experienced. But we’ll have to move on & take it as a new beginning. Life doesn’t end with a defeat. Success means winning the war, not every battle. And it’s never too late. The move on tips in Chapter 6 will be very useful in the season of results. How we think when we lose determines how long it will be until we win. Salvage something from every setback & then turn the setback into a victory. Find the lesson, apply it & then look back on defeat and smile. 🙂

Answers to some of the FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. Why have I used Hindi or Hinglish off and on in the novel?
Ans. Kuch baatein hindi mein hi acchhi lagti hai. “I’ll break your skull’ doesn’t sound as cute as “Khopdi phod dungi!”

Q. Why a romantic novel?
Ans. 99% of the movies are also romantic. We, as authors, have to write what the public is willing to read. Had I written a book on patriotism, not many would have shown interest in reading it. The movie-makers too serve the public what they are willing to watch. I hope the love-story of Niket & Mitali has redefined love in the current scenario. Their love-story is so pure that you wouldn’t dare call it an affair.

Q. What are songs doing in a novel?
Ans. I have definitely used many many songs in this novel- sometimes as ringtones; making the characters sing at other times. Not blood but music flows inside me. This novel is my creation. So it will definitely give a glimpse of my interests ( music, food etc) and hobbies and reflect my thinking. Meri kalpana hai; toh mera swaroop toh hogi hi!

Q. Why philosophical stuff every once in a while?
Ans. The pen is mightier than the sword. The stuff that we read leaves a long-lasting impact on our mind. This novel is an attempt to make lucid some of the obscure issues of life.

In the process of writing this novel, I realized one more thing. We go to multiplexes, watch a movie for 3 hrs and take 2 seconds to criticize it without realizing the painstaking efforts that thousands of people have put into it for many months. We read a novel in a day and degrade it without considering the innumerous sleepless nights, backaches, puffed eyes and headaches the author has endured to make his dream a reality. Every project, every book, every movie is somebody’s dream. If we cannot appreciate the project, we should at least not depreciate the efforts of the one who has toiled meticulously over his dream-project.

Thanks a lot, readers, for your overwhelming response. Hope I live up to your expectations in future as well.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Start this year with firm resolutions. May your new year bring New Beginnings.
Take Care.
Divya Jain

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  1. it feels gr8 to know someone personally who is capable of doing something which others cant..that is having the guts to bore us with long
    but ur not amongst those who bore us with long stories..instead u’ve tried to do that with a short one here hehe 😛
    jokes aside, it was a pleasure to see ur work online as it helped us reflect back to who we were and think upon who we will be..
    keep writing!

  2. Awsome…!!

  3. It’s really unbelievable . Great keep it up.

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