A novel by Divya Jain…. 

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Published on December 6, 2008 at 1:07 pm  Comments (16)  

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  2. Awesummmmm..,,,,,hope 2 c more frm u….luved ths one….

  3. hi divya
    u completely hit d nail on head by expressin ur views about npa……………….oops its cpa 4rm now onwards.
    i 4rm mumbai can feel npa in my front after readin ur novel………..
    thanks 2 make me in touch wid my guide………..
    gr8 goin.

  4. Hi…. I read ur novel…. It was really awesome…. In this i loved the content “COLD COFFEE AT LOTUS-HUT”…. It was so interesting and exciting to read… Specially designed with those pictures and those songs which were all my favourite….. It was all just fabulous…. It just rocked yaar… And i’m proud that u made an effort to write it….. The best part in this story is in the train which i loved the most….!!! If u dont mind can u write my own story? I saw ur writing and felt that u were the best….!!! If possible do mail me and let me know…. I’ll be waiting…. Hope u’ll mail me….
    my id is *******(identification concealed)

  5. hi Divya………..

    i just loved Fetters of Hatred……..

    waiting for more from u………

    keep it up dear……..

  6. Hi Divya!
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  7. hi divya didi
    i liked ur novel too much i read half only as i was at cyber but from half only i came to learn so many things nice words from ur novel.
    waitin 4 ur next publication.
    4 rpling

  8. hi divya… Salute 2 u !! i loved d way u potrayed d character of Mitsu.. even i felt lik lovin her…
    awaitin ur reply n next publication…gnsharda@hotmail.com

  9. 🙂

  10. Hi..I didn’t read your book but I am really impressed by your thoughts(though I will read).
    One question I would like to ask from you,though I know I am no one to ask such question but I cannot stop myself from asking this question from you. If all the talented people(as i think you really are) went into corporates who will leads the social sector. there is a big game plan threatening human society in the form of IMF,World Bank and large corporates. There are hundreds of issues needs to be fought by people like us.Please do think on it and would like to hear from you in this regard.Just asked you because “The pen is mightier than the sword” and you can make a difference. Its great to see someone following heart rather than money.All the best.Thanks & sorry.

  11. NICE!!!! Really nice yaar!,,,,
    when i read cold coffie……….my eyes filled with tears…………………


  12. Hi!

    i will add one thing and ask for one:

    Firstly can you please send me that move on list if you had made it.

    Second, i just feel at someplace your thoughts being getting immature.

    All The Best!!

    Aditya Rana

    Do or Die is Old Saying
    Do before Die is latest one!

  13. love love love ur story…..

    hope to see you become a famous writer and i’ll go buy ur books 🙂

  14. hi
    u hav done a very god job
    i love the scripts which u hv ritn abt nahata oops
    chahata professional academy

  15. Thanks designed for sharing such a nice idea, post is good, thats why i have read
    it completely

  16. Hi,
    Grt to listen abt yr book.looking forward to read it.

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